Chiropractic Care Helps Ease Cervical Disc Herniation

Recent research has uncovered that chiropractic is proven to provide immense reductions in body pain and aches. People who experience pain in their neck, shoulders and lower back can rely on chiropractic care as a safe and natural alternative to medical treatments. Salem chiropractors Dr. Geary Michels is equipped with the right skills to provide effective relief from pain and body aches.

At our Salem clinic, more than often we meet patients with neck pain and back pain and they describe their pain as a pin and needles-like sensation going down to their arms from their necks. These symptoms mean that the patient is likely cervical radiculopathy. This condition usually occurs when the nerves and tissues in the cervical spine (the part of spine in the neck), are damaged or compressed. This cause the numbness, muscle weakness, and pins and needles sensation to travel down the arm.

Another common cause leading to cervical radiculopathy is herniation of discs. Although few studies have analyzed the use of alternative treatments to curing cervical herniation, a team of Swiss researchers recently conducted a study in order to better understand the effectiveness of chiropractic care in relieving patients diagnosed with herniation in the cervical discs.

The research study included 50 patients with MRI-confirmed cervical disc herniation. A chiropractor used spinal adjustment therapy to relieve the patients of their pain. More than half of the patients had significantly improved just after two weeks of treatment.  By the end of the study, after three months of chiropractic care, 85% of the patients reported that there was a noticeable decrease in disability and back pain as well. The best part about this treatment is there aren’t any side effects.

Patients with acute and severe pain had a higher chance of recovery compared to patients with moderate pain in the beginning of the study. But almost 76.5% patients with moderate pain experienced great improvements as well.

At Michels Spinal Rehab and Associates in Salem, OR, we meet a lot of patients daily with different problems related to sciatic nerve pain, neck pain, and other problems. Dr.Michels is a skilled chiropractor who can give you a chance to try a more natural approach towards treating your problems. With proper chiropractic care, we can help you to get rid of neck or back pain which may be becoming a hindrance in your life.

If you are experiencing symptoms which mean you might have cervical disc herniation, we advise you to call or visit us for effective pain relief!


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