Salem Chiropractor Prevents Chronic Whiplash and Auto Injuries

The term "whiplash injury" can be confusing . Besides being a form of injury, whiplash represents several symptoms related to that injury. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety states that most whiplash injuries are caused by collisions. Moreover, the insurance claims associated with such collisions are likely to cost over $8 billion each year.

Whiplash is often caused by motor vehicle accident or auto injury. Whiplash-Associated Disorders (WAD) involve a variety of symptoms, including headaches, back pain, shoulder pain and stiffness, neck pain, dizziness, fatigue, and even vision problems. Nevertheless, not much is known about the long-term effects of whiplash.

Effects of Whiplash on the Cervical Spine

A question that has still not been answered is whether whiplash injuries have any direct relationship with the natural deterioration of the cervical spine. In a study conducted by experts in Japan, the MRI results of patients suffering from WAD were compared with that of a control group. According to the findings of the research, though whiplash-related symptoms could persist for quite a long time, they did not seem to have an impact on spinal degeneration.

Who Was Examined?

Almost 133 people suffering from WAD and 223 with no previous history of WAD-related symptoms were examined in the research. These individuals had already taken part in a whiplash survey conducted ten years earlier. All participants were not only physically examined, but were also asked about possible spine or neck-related problems. WAD patients were also asked if their whiplash injuries had shown any improvement since the previous study.

What Was Found?

An extensive number of WAD patients stated that their injuries had become much better over the duration of 10 years. However, when their reports were compared with the control group, they were found to be suffering from neck pain, shoulder pain, arm numbness, and headaches.

Two expert neurologists were hired to evaluate the MRI reports of participants. The following table indicates WAD symptoms that persisted even 10 years after the incident:











































After Crash


















Neck Pain










Arm Pain










Stiff Shoulder









What Was Concluded?

The results of the survey support the idea that whiplash injuries can have a long-term effect on the patient's overall health. However, the study researchers believe that whiplash injuries are not able to speed up spinal deterioration even ten years after an accident.

Let Michels Spinal Associates Treat Whiplash-Associated Disorders

Chiropractic adjustments, like those that Dr. Michels provides, have been found to decrease pain in patients with whiplash. Dr. Michels and his team have successfully relieved symptoms related to auto injuries in hundreds of Salem patients. Michels Spinal Associates provide Salem patients with effective treatments to relieve and prevent chronic symptoms from auto injuries.


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