Reducing Work Disability After Auto Injury

Although improvements in automobile design have reduced the chances of serious auto injuries, low-speed collisions can still result in long-term neck and back pain. A recent study shows that even these so-called "minor" auto injuries can actually have a significant impact on a patient's life.

Researchers from Australia looked at nearly 6,000 people who had been in car crashes. They found that 59% required hospitalization, but only 15% stayed in the hospital more than a week. Interestingly, the researchers found that those patients who had no hospital stay or who were in the hospital for less than a week had the greatest amount of work disability.

Just because your car crash may have been "minor" doesn't mean that you weren't injured. During a rear-end collision, your head and neck can undergo very rapid acceleration, which can tear and strain the delicate structures of your neck. If left untreated, this injuries can develop into a lasting source of pain and disability.Studies show that up to half of patients with whiplash develop chronic symptoms after an auto collision. Seeking early treatment of whiplash and other auto injuries can help you avoid chronic symptoms.

As your Salem chiropractor, we're trained to help patients recover from neck and back injuries, including those from auto accidents. We'll work to determine the root cause of your auto injury and then develop a treatment plan that will help restore the healthy functioning of your body. Chiropractic treatments, like what we provide for our Salem patients, have been shown to effectively reduce back pain, neck pain, and whiplash.

If you've been injured in an auto accident, Michels Spinal Rehab and Associates can get you out of pain and back to your normal life.


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