Jaw Symptoms – Common Among Whiplash Patients

Most people still find it a little difficult to completely understand whiplash. The term is used for neck injuries that occur due to a motor vehicle accident. Though the pain associated with whiplash typically dissipates within a few days, the injury may take several months to completely heal.

It is a common observation that people suffering from whiplash usually report diverse symptoms and conditions. Jaw pain and disorder is one of the most common symptoms that are reported by whiplash patients. Nevertheless, healthcare experts and analysts have not been able to learn much about the occurrence or reason of jaw symptoms after whiplash trauma.

An Attempt to Learn More

In the year 2010, a research study was conducted to obtain extensive information about the symptoms associated with whiplash. In this research, analysts made efforts to learn about jaw symptoms that occurred during the first twelve months after a neck injury caused by a motor vehicle accident. This study involved as many as 146 individuals, both male and female, who suffered from whiplash. Researchers examined the conditions of all patients and recorded their respective jaw, neck, and head symptoms for initial 12 months after the accident.

What was Reported?

A total of six patients, including three women and three men, initially mentioned that they experienced jaw symptoms. Nearly a year following the crash, as many as eight female patients mentioned the prevalence of jaw symptoms. This fact made the researchers state that in the first 12 months after the accident, jaw symptoms are likely to affect women more frequently than they do male patients.

Researchers also observed that jaw dysfunction was closely associated with severe neck issues, post-accident anxiety, headaches, whiplash-associated disorders, and cranial cervical conditions. A year after the initial trauma, individuals experiencing jaw dysfunction continued to bear outstanding neck problems and pains, headache, and post-accident anxiety.

It was also concluded by researchers that all patients suffering from whiplash need to be thoroughly checked for possible symptoms of jaw disorder. It is also a prerequisite to evaluate such patients for neck issues, headaches, cranial neck conditions, or post-accident stress. It is critical to address possible signs and symptoms of jaw disorder in the early stages, as people experiencing whiplash can have temporomandibular joint disorder.

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