Chiropractic for Calf, Knee, and Leg Pain

Got chronic calf or knee pain? A trip to your Salem chiropractor could help. While most people know chiropractic is great for back pain, few realize that chiropractors also treat musculoskeletal conditions in the extremities, like pain in the hips, wrists, knees, and legs.

One common treatment we use for our Salem patients with leg pain is trigger point therapy. Often patients with joint and spine problems develop trigger points, or hyperirritable spots of pain located in taut bands of muscle fibers. Chiropractors, massage therapists, and other manual therapists often use manual trigger point therapy to ease trigger points, which improves mobility and decreases pain.

Two recent studies demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach in assisting patients with leg symptoms. In one study, patients who received trigger point therapy dry needling prior to receiving knee surgery had reduced pain symptoms in the first month after the operation compared to patients who had not received the treatment. This adds to other research showing that trigger point therapy, even without dry needling, improved symptoms in patients with knee osteoarthritis.

In another new study of patients with chronic calf pain, those who received trigger point therapy in combination with an at-home stretching program had reduced pain, number of trigger points, and pain sensitivity.

These are just the latest findings demonstrating the effectiveness of chiropractic techniques for relieving leg symptoms. Regular chiropractic care has also been found to prevent lower-limb injuries in athletes.

Whether you're recovering from a sports injury or are simply suffering from ongoing pain in the knee, legs, or calves, Michels Spinal Rehab Center can help. Call our office in Salem for an appointment today.


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