Chiropractic Effective for Cervicogenic Headaches in Salem

Do you experience persistent headaches and neck pain in Salem, OR? You could be suffering from cervicogenic headache.

An estimated 20-25% of all adults are affected by cervicogenic headaches, which originate in the neck. Most people with chronic headaches depend on medications to relieve their symptoms. However, drug-free treatments such as chiropractic care may actually be more effective, according to recent research.

Cervicogenic headaches are caused by musculoskeletal issues in the neck (or cervical spine), resulting in pain above the eyes or at the base of the skull. Some patients also report lightheadedness or dizziness along with the pain. The symptoms are very similar to those of tension-type headaches or migraines, making accurate diagnosis difficult and compounding the difficulty of treating such headaches.

A recent study sought to examine the effectiveness of non-invasive treatments such as chiropractic neck adjustments for cervicogenic headaches. All of the study participants were suffering from cervicogenic headaches. Some underwent chiropractic care by itself, while others receive chiropractic care in combination with exercise therapy. Both groups of patients reported a decrease in pain and disability, as well as an improvement in functioning abilities, following treatment. The most effective treatment was found to be a combination of strengthening exercises and cervical manipulation and mobilization provided by a chiropractor.

This study adds to our understanding of headache treatment options by demonstrating the effectiveness of chiropractic neck manipulations, as well as exercise therapy, for treating cervicogenic headaches. This research demonstrates that non-invasive chiropractic care can be used to safely and effectively treat pain stemming from this form of headaches.

Before reaching for medication, consider visiting a Salem chiropractor for a non-invasive treatment option that does not come with side effects. Dr. Geary Michels can provide an accurate diagnosis of your cervicogenic headache and provide the neck manipulations that have been proven to effectively treat this headache type. Contact Michels Spinal Rehab & Associates in Salem, OR today for help with your headache symptoms.


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