3 Common Myths About Chiropractors

It’s understandable that there are a lot of misconceptions about the chiropractic field. After all, while many of us are raised on frequent visits to the doctor and the dentist, a chiropractor is a medical specialist that we don’t see much of until we’re adults, and by then, we’ve formulated most of our opinions. However, many of these myths can be damaging, not only to the chiropractors who have to weather them, but also for the patients who spurn chiropractic care because of them. With that in mind, here are three common myths about chiropractors debunked.

  • MYTH # 1: "Chiropractors aren't doctors." It’s a common joke in and out of the medical field that dentists aren’t “real” doctors, and the same dismissive myth plagues chiropractors. In actuality, chiropractors go through extensive education to earn the degree "Doctor of Chiropractic", just as a doctor of podiatry, dentistry, osteopathy, or other medical specialist would do. The American Chiropractic Association requires a minimum of 4,200 hours in classroom, laboratory, and clinical study – a rigorous educational workload that absolutely earns the qualification of “doctor.”
  • MYTH # 2: "Chiropractic isn't safe."  Spinal adjustments performed by someone who does not have the knowledge or experience to deliver them safely are dangerous. Chiropractic treatment at the hands of an experienced and licensed chiropractic doctor, however, result in fewer injuries or unintended side effects than virtually any other medical field (and most day-to-day activities).
  • MYTH # 3: "Insurance companies don't cover chiropractic care." The vast majority of insurance companies have determined that covering chiropractic care – often labeled as a preventative type of health care – is more cost-effective than denying chiropractic coverage and paying instead for later, full-blown medical treatments. Spinal adjustments can stop chronic back pain before it becomes severe, reducing or eliminating the need for prescription drugs, surgeries, or other medical treatments that might be used to address or cure the pain. Under the Affordable Care Act, health plans tied to the federal health exchange will be required to cover either physical therapy or occupational therapy, or visits to a chiropractor. If you call our Salem office, we are happy to consult with your insurance company about your benefits.


These and other myths are debunked every day by the many skilled and educated men and women who work in the chiropractic field. If you are interested in learning more or in seeing what chiropractic care can do for you, call Michels Spinal Rehab & Associates and schedule an appointment today in our Salem office.

As a trusted Salem chiropractor, Dr. Geary Michels will take care of you and answer any questions you may have so that you can formulate a deeper understanding of chiropractic medicine and build a preventive care regimen for a happier and healthier lifestyle.



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    Dr. Julia Robertson, DC is a Chiropractic Physician who worked with Michels Spinal Rehab and Associates and who is now the proud owner of Robertson Spinal Rehab & Associates. She provides personal one on one services specializing in spinal manipulation, physiotherapy, nutritional counseling in addition to developing personal rehab programs.