About Dr Robertson

Salem, OR chiropractic care​Dr. Julia Robertson, DC is a Chiropractic Physician who worked with Michels Spinal Rehab and Associates and who is now the proud owner of Robertson Spinal Rehab & Associates. She provides personal one on one services specializing in spinal manipulation, physiotherapy, nutritional counseling in addition to developing personal rehab programs. She is versed in the intricacies of care as it pertains to personal injury, workman’s compensation and other insurances. Her ultimate goal is short term care with long term benefits. Dr. Robertson is a graduate of University of Western States. Her training emphasized the diagnosis and treatment of spinal/musculoskeletal injuries and associated rehabilitative activities. Prior to graduating she worked with Dr. Geary J. Michels, DC in and extensive internship. Dr. Robertson’s approach is to provide tailored treatments to optimize health and well being. Every personalized treatment plan is patient centered based upon the immediate needs and long term goals. With Dr. Robertson’s care emphasis is placed on restoration of the patients daily function.